Woohoo E-Commerce for AI & AR

Woohoo eCommerce powered by Woohoo AR & Woohoo AI is an AI, AR & face software company on a mission to build the most immersive augmented reality platform. Our Face AR and Video Editor SDKs are a simple, powerful and affordable way for developers to create AR apps that inspire people to communicate.

Woohoo eCommerce was established as an AI lab creating the next-gen technology for the camera. Augmented reality, machine learning, computer vision are our thing. And it all starts with the face. We wrapped our technology into a solid AR development platform and made it accessible to everyone — developers, brands and users — so it could find its way to apps on millions of devices.

Create Excitement

Virtual Conferences and Training

60 %

Retention Rates

(Source) The research Institute of America found that eLearning increases retention rates 25% to 60%

Generate Traffic

3D And AR Ads

150 %


(Source)  SketchFab: Return on Ad spend (150%) with 3D ada.

Convert Leads

AR For Landing Pages

11 X


(Source)  Houzz reported that it gives 11X its sales conversions rates using mobile AR versus their standard app.

Sell more products.

Easy. Really easy. 

Using and implementing augmented reality couldn’t be easier—no special training required. Whether creating 3D/AR versions of your product or integrating them into your e-commerce site, we make it easy for you to get started and to drive more sales.

Small investment. Big impact.

See how a little goes a long way. Use our analytics dashboard to track and measure increased product engagement, interaction and new revenues —in real-time.

Enhance customer engagement.
Increase add to cart rates.
Reduce product returns.
Track and measure everything.

Transform in-store shopping

Researches show that millennials see in-store try on and makeup testing unhygienic. A thing of the past. Allow your store visitors to try on products quickly and conveniently with the help of built-in AR mirrors.

How Our Face Tracking Differs

Most face tracking solutions need significant computing power. They impose limitations to Face AR experiences, especially on mobile devices with limited CPU. To solve that, we trained the technology to “see” the face in 3D.

Woohoo E-Commerce
December 03, 2021
AR, AI, E-Commerce shops, Gateways

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