Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

Roche Fintech has a long and storied history in the world of financial Technologies (fintech). We have been pioneers in the industry for many years and are known for taking innovative steps. We are very proud of our achievements and all the people who led us here.

  • Capital Markets

    MT4/5, TC2000, Bloomberg, Reuters, xStation

    Automated fx capital markets trading platforms/ software runs on a program that analyzes stock, commodity & currency price charts and other market activity over multiple timeframes. The software identifies the signals – including spread discrepancies, price trends, and news that may impact the market – to locate potentially profitable currency pair trades. For example, if a software program using criteria the user sets identifies a currency pair trade that satisfies the predetermined parameters for profitability, it broadcasts a buy or sell alert and automatically makes the trade.An automated software program also allows traders to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, an advantage not easily available to manual traders on a single computer. 

  • Regulation

    Compliance & Regulatory Procedures

    Compliance policy and procedure documents are the foundation of any compliance program, both in terms of organization and management of the program. These document also facilitate compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards by compliance high risk operational areas.

  • Mer-Tech

    Merchant Payment Processing

    A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by debit or credit cards. So a merchant account is an agreement between a retailer, a merchant bank and payment processor for the settlement of credit card and/or debit card. transactions.

  • eC-Tech


    New AI technology arms e-commerce businesses with the timely intelligence required to solve their business challenges such as lead generation. Predictive marketing businesses such as Mintigo, provide AI solutions for marketing, sales and CRM systems. Through Mintigo’s software, Getty images has successfully generated significant new leads by capturing the data that shows which businesses have websites featuring images from Getty's competitors.

  • Pay-Tech

    Gateway Implementation

    The API Gateway is a server. It is a single entry point into a system. API Gateway encapsulates the internal system architecture. It provides an API that is tailored to each client. It also has other responsibilities such as authentication, monitoring, load balancing, caching, request shaping and management, and static response handling. API Gateway is also responsible for request routing, composition, and protocol translation. All the requests made by the client go through the API Gateway. After that, the API Gateway routes requests to the appropriate microservice.

  • Digital Banking Software

    Challenger, Neo, Non & Beta Banks

    The digital banking market is accelerating around the world, largely because of recent regulatory changes that make it easier for new startups to provide financial services to consumers. For instance, across the EU and EEA, the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requires banks to open up their data to third parties. The legislation not only gives bank customers complete control of their financial data, but it also makes it easier for them to perform payment services across borders.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI Workflows & Automation

    AI’s potential has misled many into overlooking its current utility. It will eventually redefine industries and technologies, but AI experts say the real value today lies in increasing efficiency and accuracy in our everyday work. Artificial Intelligence is defined as the replication of human intelligence in computers. The way to enable computers to be intelligent is through Machine Learning. Machine Learning refers to the ability of a machine to learn using large data sets instead of hard-coded rules.

    Automated workflows improve visibility. Tracking can allow a staff member to instantly check the status of the item. It allows the key people to see the critical processes at every point. It identifies problems, bottlenecks, and checks end to end performance throughout.

  • Augmented Reality

    AR For E-Commerce

    AR allows ecommerce customers to preview products or experience services in their own environment and on their own time, before electing to make a purchase. Using AR, your customers can preview products and be more likely to pick the right product the first time.

  • Currency Hedging

    Import And Exporting

    Currency hedging is similar to insurance, which you buy to protect yourself from an unforeseen event. It’s an attempt to reduce the effects of currency fluctuations. In order to hedge an investment, investment managers will set up a related investment designed to offset potential losses. In general, currency hedging reduces the increase or decrease in the value of an investment due to changes in the exchange rate. It’s an attempt to even out results.

  • Retention

    Developing Retention Departments

    Customer retention is the collection of activities a business uses to increase the number of repeat customers and to increase the profitability of each existing customer. Customer retention strategies enable you to both provide and extract more value from your existing customer base. You want to ensure the customers you worked so hard to acquire stay with you, have a great customer experience, and continue to get value from your products. In short, acquisition creates a foundation of customers while your retention strategy is how you build customer relationships and maximize revenue for each one. But how much time and resources should you devote to your retention program? The answer to that depends on your store.

  • Website Developers

    UX/UI, WordPress, WIX, SquareSpace,Weebly, Weflow

    We’re the software company that other tech companies hire to solve their toughest problems. Our web developer's job is to create websites. While their primary role is to ensure the website is visually appealing and easy to navigate, many web developers are also responsible for the website's performance and capacity. We help develop software from idea to launch. We’re experts in custom software development, IOS & Android app development, and front-end work.

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The device has 360-degree protection for any individual or organization. Thanks to the sophisticated encryption, zero-day exploits, malware attacks, phishing, wiretapping, DDoS, MiTM, and online hacking don’t have a chance to succeed.

T2 Communicator
Secure Mobile CommunicationsSecure Mobile Communications, Woohoo Secure
Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Expand the scope of RPA by providing bots with additional data from complex documents to automate front and back office processes.

Risk Management

Empower anti-money laundering, Know Your Customer (KYC) and third-party risk monitoring activities with intelligent data access and analysis.

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