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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the top cybercrime targets due to the high value of companies’ intellectual property and R&D data.

For example, drug formulas are some of the highest-value assets in the industry. At the same time, enterprises in the sector are often present in multiple markets, and R&D operations are spread across several locations.

The Problem

The big problem of pharmaceutical companies is data leaks. The latter happens through deliberate outside attacks and insiders. Because of that, pharmaceutical companies need to protect their networks and communications from outside interference. Also, they must enforce strict clearance levels internally. Secure communications are one of the pillars of any holistic strategy for protecting intellectual property.

  • Complications if the company’s operations are spread geographically over multiple locations: headquarters and R&D centers can be in different countries; the company can be present in numerous markets.
  • Need to secure incoming and outgoing messages against eavesdropping and interception.
  • Take control over employee communication devices to help prevent internal leaks.

The Solution

Our products offer different levels of security and control while remaining scalable and compatible with any infrastructure and setup. In addition, our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry’s communication will allow organizations to:

  • Rely on the VoIP encrypted group and video calls to facilitate safe long-distance communication within the organization.
  • Use a fleet of secure communication devices to protect sensitive data.
  • Assign different clearance levels for various user groups.
  • Use our mobile device management solution: Secure Administration System (SAS), to control features and sensors on an admin level granularly. Assign policies to single or whole fleets of devices to further limit the attack surface.
  • Deploy a self-hosted version of our solutions that guarantees higher system integrity and data security.
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The device has 360-degree protection for any individual or organization. Thanks to the sophisticated encryption, zero-day exploits, malware attacks, phishing, wiretapping, DDoS, MiTM, and online hacking don’t have a chance to succeed.

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