Our experienced investment team identifies and conducts research on thousands of companies to list tech start-ups investment opportunities you can access alongside trusted VCs and angel investors at same terms.

For each equity crowdfunding campaign, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) is set up to which the investors participating in that campaign will join. SPV will invest in the company to be financed and will exercise its role of partner / shareholder. The amount you invest and the capital issued / number of shares purchased will affect your ownership percentage of the business. We ensure that investors have access to complete, necessary, sufficient information to conduct their own risk analysis.

Today Markets – We leverage software, capital and an exclusive community to strengthen portfolio post-investment.

We democratize investments – access to pre-vetted tech start-ups.

We leverage software, capital and an exclusive community to strengthen portfolio post-investment.

Unprecedented access to individual start-up investments

You invest and support start-ups from anywhere, diversify your portfolio, with tickets available from €2.500.

Rigorous due diligence and pre-vetting process – with partners

We review and select 2-5% of start-ups and bring you access alongside trusted VCs and angels at the same terms

Research beyond the business plan

Investors wishing to participate in the fundraising process will invest the EUR amount indicated on the platform in its RON equivalent. The final investment amount following this exchange is calculated using the rate communicated by the bank where the share capital account will be opened, on the date when the articles are incorporated.

We want to have a process as transparent as possible, and our partnerships with Onfido is our way to enhance this fact. Through Onfido, a company can verify the customers’ identity by requiring a government-issued ID, checking if it’s fraudulent or not and comparing it against the user’s facial biometrics.


From Today Markets perspective, if a user goes through the identity verification process and has a “Verified Profile” (a tag that will appear in the section “Profile Settings” and that will also be confirmed on the email), we can be sure that the investment decision is a genuine one. Also, through this, we aim to protect sensitive information about the listings and start-ups that will only be available to user’s who have a verified profile.


From the user’s experience, a verified profile offers accessibility to the documents and the financials of that specific start-up and listing. Moreover, a user can only invest if their profile is fully completed – completing the additional data, type of investor and identity verification process.


This process is beneficial for investors and start-ups, enhancing the transparency that we want to bring to our processes.

The Simple Agreement for Future Equity, abbreviated as SAFE, uses the same fundamentals as a convertible note but has a few key differences. Created by Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator business accelerator, a SAFE simplifies the process of early-stage funding even further. SAFEs are forms of convertible equity that have no maturity date or accruing interest unless their terms are negotiated. This means that, while Convertible Notes are a form of debt financing, a SAFE is simply a future equity acquisition. Usually, the terms of a SAFE are settled so that investors’ contributions are shielded by a stop date.

As with convertible notes, a SAFE allows investments to convert into equity at the time of a trigger event. Trigger events could be subsequent financing rounds or when the company performs an exit, most commonly through the sale of the business.

A SAFE still allows investors to benefit from valuation caps or a discount rate instead of new shareholders who invested in the company during a later round.

The evaluation process

Our team evaluates the business model, the growth plans, and the financial forecast. A part of the pre-seed start-ups that apply for funding will go through Today Markets Funding Campaign Program. This process can last from four to eight weeks, and only a small number of start-ups are selected for the next phase.

The legal process

If the response is positive, the legal process will start. This part consists of defining the Term Sheet and going through the Due Diligence process, made by us or by a VC, if they co-invest.

Competitor research & analysis

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