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Your Connection to Pure, Institutional Liquidity Full And Direct Access to Bank, Non-Bank & ECN Multi-Asset Class Liquidity

Roche Fintech recognizes the importance of having a robust and non-latent technology infrastructure, one that caters to the needs of all institutional FX market participants, from banks and fund managers through to retail brokers and aggregators.

Our platform offerings, and their underlying supporting technology, have been developed with one common goal, to facilitate Direct Market Access (DMA) via GUI, Bridge and/or FIX API.


By delivering anonymous, low-latency access to multi-bank, multi-asset liquidity, Roche Fintech presents a compelling alternative to the single and multi-bank RFQ and ECN models currently available to institutional traders.

The Roche Fintech model takes the competitive, multi-bank elements of RFQ platforms and combines them with the low latency transparency and anonymity of ECNs servicing traders seeking consistent, interbank liquidity powered by robust, real-time market data.

Recent refinements, such as the Full Order eXecution block order trading mechanism, are gaining the attention of hedge funds, asset managers, commodity trading advisors (CTAs) and corporate treasuries.

Range of Expertise

Institutional Traders
Hedge Funds
Algo Traders
Financial Services
Energy Trading
Currency Hedging


Roche Fintech is a wholesale provider of liquidity, technology and credit solutions to brokers who offer FX, Metals, Energies and CFD trading to their clients.

Currently, the firm’s solutions power leading brokers throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Select your category below to learn how Advanced Markets can help you grow your business.

Superior Liquidity

Roche Fintech has created a unique, and fully transparent, DMA trading venue, one that gives institutional traders the ability to configure their own liquidity to match their own specific needs.

Direct Market Access

  • Choose liquidity from a menu of bank, non-bank and ECN price providers.
  • Real-time, streaming pricing available in FX, Metals, Energies and CFDs.
  • Select your default order type – “FOK”, “IOC”, “GTC”
  • Price updates per second – Choose the optimal number of price updates per second to match, both your trading style and technology infrastructure.
  • Define price delivery and view – “Top of Book”, “Landscape”, “VWAP”, “Defined Layers – FOX Full Order Execution”.
  • Ability to onboard both “Credit” (designation notice or 4-way agreement) and “Margin” (collateral-based) accounts.
  • Margin-based clients can trade on a “Net Open Position” basis.
  • Low latency, transparent order execution via API and GUI.
  • Robust, browser-based, HTML5 GUI – No download required.
  • Full transaction reporting functionality.
  • White Label capabilities – Offer your own branded version to clients.

DMA Features

The combination of Roche Fintech’ institutional ownership and its Prime Broker relationship with UBS allows the firm to offer secure and sustainable credit structures far and above those offered by other wholesale brokers.

We provide tailor-made solutions to diverse market participants, encompassing institutional credit (“4-way” Give-Up and Designation Notice), margin and prime brokerage arrangements.

Roche Fintechs’ liquidity offering is built on a foundation of reliability and transparency. Whilst recognizing the need for tight, competitive spreads we’ve never lost sight of the fact that, without the presence of immediate and reliable execution, tight spreads are irrelevant. Advanced Markets takes NO MARKET RISK by systematically, and instantaneously, routing all client orders directly to its bank, non-bank and ECN liquidity providers for execution.

Additionally, with the recent release of our DMAhub trading venue, we are now able to offer clients the ability to configure their own liquidity from a menu of providers, creating a unique trading environment right down to the number of price updates per second.

Roche Fintech recognizes that “one size doesn’t necessarily fit all” when it comes to trading and the firm has, therefore, partnered with First Derivatives to create the fully customizable DMAhub trading venue, one that can be seamlessly accessed by both FIX API and GUI.

DMAhub allows traders the ability to configure their own trading environment with a degree of granularity that is totally unique in today’s markets.

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