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30 December 2020


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Earning Trust Takes More Than a Handshake


Turn Your Advisors Into Rainmakers

The days of managing your clients’ wealth on the golf course or over a fancy lunch are… well… over. Your advisors are held to increasingly higher standards, and you’re under pressure to help them retain and grow their books of business.

How much do you really trust your current systems to help you do that? Are you one of those wealth management firms that think their sales automation techniques fall short?


Be The Best Whale Hunter

Your future high-value client is busier than you. They’re on the road and in the air, buried under newspapers, devices, and tough decisions. If your marketing strategy doesn’t harpoon them quickly, they’re taking their assets to other firms.

To get your next best client’s assets under your management, you need to truly “get” them. You need to know what they need, when they need it, and how they want it. With clients this important, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Every interaction must be perfectly personalized.

Know your customers. Grow your customers.

Increase Your Book of Business

You can’t increase your book of business using the same old tactics. Instead, you’ll need to deepen your relationships.

What does that mean? It means knowing what your clients need right now, and anticipating what’s coming tomorrow. It means using powerful technology to see further and act smarter.

With  Roche Fintech, you can understand and analyze context in real time, while staying agile enough to meet your clients’ evolving needs. AI-powered recommendations deliver personalized actions that can help you achieve that tricky balance between client goals and your company’s goals.

Don’t expose your silos to your clients

Clients craving better service have no trouble switching to another firm. They want nothing less than smooth, personalized onboarding, account maintenance, service requests, and inquiry handling.

Financial institutions often fail to deliver because they’re too focused on front-end technology. “Hey, look at our new mobile app!” they shout into the digital void. Slick, shiny apps are great, but they don’t do the heavy lifting of automating fulfillment. The result is laborious, manual legwork for service teams and frustration for your clients.

Roche Fintech is engineered to automate across silos, finally connecting your front-end channels to your back-office operations. So your clients get what they want when they want it, while you get the work done even faster. Happier clients at a lower cost of service? Brilliant.

Make accelerated onboarding your competitive advantage

You’ve heard the saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yours? If you’re like most firms, your onboarding processes – and, ultimately, time to transact – have room to improve. Yes, you can blame the regulators. You can blame your firm’s system and process silos. There are many reasons why digital-age onboarding is complicated.

But how about actually solving the problem? What if you could seamlessly orchestrate the entire process, streamline regulatory compliance, massively accelerate onboarding times, and turn a historically poor experience into a competitive advantage?

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