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Roche Fintech  is a media monitoring, reputation management, regulatory compliance and market 

intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence.


Unlimited accurate searches – track numerous companies, people, events, trends etc.

Customisable email alerts – sent hourly/daily/weekly or in real-time to multiple recipients.

Account Manager

Powerful insights dashboard – providing an at-a-glance view of everything you’re tracking. A dedicated account manager – training and technical support ensures you get the most out of Roche Fintech.

Test, Learn & Act in Real Time

Self-learning models fueled by contextual data improve inflight interactions in real time. Information obtained during a dynamic conversation informs the model, which causes the system to refresh its recommendations instantly and continuously—dramatically improving results.


Make better decisions faster

Develop balanced next-best-action strategies by rapidly configuring, sequencing, and arbitrating between a variety of company and customer tactics such as sales, service, risk, and operational decisions.

Monetize Big Data

Transform streams of data into valuable business decisions and actions, resulting in significant revenue gains. Listen to all types of signals, find meaningful patterns, proactively anticipate a customer’s needs by discovering meaningful patterns, and acting in real time.

Improve outcomes with predictive intelligence

Apply predictive intelligence to every business decision. Develop statistical models in hours – not days or weeks. Your models inform best actions throughout the customer lifecycle, from shopping to purchase to service and support.

Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Reasoning, and Strong AI: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Enterprises are clearly recognizing the value associated with incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their business processes. 


The number of proof-of-concept and pilot programs continues to grow, and larger scale commercial deployments of AI technology are being publicized by enterprise organizations around the globe. 


Indeed, much of the success of AI is due the fact that most tasks currently delegated to AI technology are data-driven and therefore easily measured or benchmarked. When AI technology is deployed, even during a small pilot program, the benefits can quickly be demonstrated and proven by looking at the performance data.

Creating opportunities for web self-service

VPAs can be of immense help for enterprises. By incorporating VPAs within their systems, companies and organisations can enhance web self-service through automation. 


VPAs can rapidly analyse and find possible solutions for the grievances of clients, thereby improving not just a brand’s image, but also customer service.


What are the top AI use cases that will generate commercial revenue?

In which industries will AI be deployed?

What underlying technologies will be utilized to enable each use case?

What are some of the leading companies currently active in the AI space?

What is the revenue potential for AI software, hardware, and services for each use case?


  • Enterprise software companies

  • AI technology and platform companies

  • Semiconductor and component manufacturers

  • Service providers and systems integrators

  • Enterprise organizations deploying AI solutions

  • Government agencies

  • Investor community

$3.7 Billion

AI will increase from $3.7 billion worldwide in 2017 to $80.7 billion in 2025. Some of the key industry sectors already utilizing AI include business services, government, automotive, retail, and advertising. However, it is clear that AI is being adopted by a much broader range of industries, many of which use similar use cases and strategies for harnessing AI to solve specific business problems.