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Accept payments


Accept card and crypto payments anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Let us remove some pressure with easier payments acceptance.

On website

Accept card & cryptocurrency payments from your online customers.

By email

Send invoices to vendors as quickly and easily as sending an email

In person

Accept on your smartphone or tablet at your retail store or restaurant.

Quick resolving

  • Quick API available for all operations
  • Stable cryptocurrency integration
  • White label backoffice

Get you covered

  • Crypto to “Fiat” on-the-fly exchange
  • Flexible settlement settings
  • No rolling reserves

Scalable design

  • Security is proven by external audit
  • Instant transaction confirmation
  • Threshold-based automatic settlements

Huge advantages

  • 24/7 business and tech support
  • Feature request capabilities
  • Training materials for client’s team

Partner program


Do you have partners, who’d like to accept card or crypto payments? Join our Partner Program and receive special rewards up to 20%.


Accept every payment on one platform & drive conversions anywhere in the world. Start now. Accept digital payments on any device or channel and increase your conversion rates now. Payments on any device. Seamless experience. Worldwide payment network.

Just call now or Request a call

(353)-1-211-8666 & (353)-1-211-8658

Accept Bitcoin and

over 50 Altcoins


You do not need a crypto-wallet or dedicated knowhow to accept more than 50 cryptocurrencies.


Don’t limit yourself to fewer opportunities and accept credit cards, alternative payment methods and additionally more than 50 cryptocurrencies. Capture the maximum number of visitors to your site and increase sales significantly.

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