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Woohoo AI

The AI Assistant Tailored to Your Business Needs.

Build delightful voice experiences for your brand in minutes using our fully customizable smart devices

WooHoo Product


Customizable Voice Assistant powered by next generation cognitive AI platform.

AI assistant device
Customize your hardware and stand out from all those homes and echos.
Conversation Builder
Voice enable your ideas to full fledged solutions using our simple drag and drop interface.
Prebuilt skills
Get personalized responses to help with your music, schedule, reminders, calls, news and more.
Cognitive services
Speech services, Natural Language Understanding, Dialog engine, Facial Recognition, Knowledge graph and more.
Platform tools
Train, monitor and manage your fleet of AI assistants using a robust set of tools.

Why WooHoo?

Build unique Brand Experiences

White Labeled device and wake word of your choice to provide your own brand identity to the assistant.

Realize Ideas Into Solutions Faster

Visual drag and drop interface and rich set of adapters to voice enable your products without writing a single line of code.

Purposely Built For Your Business

Proprietary cognitive services, Business adapters and domain knowledge-packs purpose built for your business.

WooHoo Device .

Modular components that can be easily removed based on the business use case.

4 array far field microphone.
7 inch Touch screen display.
Harman Kardon speakers.
Rotating camera.
USB, HDMI, Ethernet ports.
6 hours battery backup.
Wifi, bluetooth, GPS.
Zigbee, Zwave transceivers.
4G LTE chipset.
Temperature, CO, Gesture, PIR sensors. 
AI assistant software including support for rich multimodal experience combining voice, touch and rich media.

SmartFlow Builder and Emulator

Visually build scalable voice experiences in a drag-drop interface.

SmartFlow Adapters, Prebuilt Code Free

Prebuilt code-free connectors to business applications, web services, smart devices, technology and utility services.

FAQ Builder, Tools to Easily Extract Data

A complete no-code experience to build your FAQ Knowledge base. Tools to easily extract data from semi structured content, train, test and deploy.
Our speech engine wakes up the device only when triggered by the user regardless of the accent. State of the art speech recognition engine to transcribe voice to text. Text to speech technology designed to provide a smart and natural conversation.
Our proprietary engine uses Deep Learning techniques to understand what you speak. Our algorithms are optimized for dynamic model binding based on corpus size, improved personalization and improved entity recognition for slot filling.
Dialog Engine
Our proprietary dialog engine allows for rich multi-turn multi-intent goal oriented conversation flows. Deeply integrated with NLU engine, adapter framework and template engine for rich voice and display elements in the responses.
FAQ Engine
Our proprietary self learning Engine intuitively processes FAQ about your company and helps your customers to know more.
Knowledge Graph
Our proprietary knowledge graph implementation combines data from open verifiable factual information sources with knowledge acquired from within the enterprise.
Voice and Face verification
Combined voice and face verification for improved personalization.An offline biometric authentication using Deep Learning to verify the user/speaker.
Sentiment Analysis
Our proprietary sentiment analysis implementation combines speech and vision data for deeper meaning understanding.
Conversation Analytics
Live insights into device usage, drill down into popular intents and metrics. Tools for training unclassified intents and reviewing classification logs.

Device Emulator
WooHoo device emulator to test new skills before activating on the device.

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