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Full Order Execution


22 August 2020


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Roche Fintechs’ liquidity offering is built on a foundation of reliability and transparency. Whilst recognizing the need for tight, competitive spreads we’ve never lost sight of the fact that, without the presence of immediate and reliable execution, tight spreads are irrelevant. Roche Fintech takes NO MARKET RISK by systematically, and instantaneously, routing all client orders directly to its bank, non-bank and ECN liquidity providers for execution.

Additionally, with the recent release of our DMAhub trading venue, we are now able to offer clients the ability to configure their own liquidity from a menu of providers, creating a unique trading environment right down to the number of price updates per second.

Institutional Partners

Roche Fintechs’ liquidity providers and partner banks encompass many of the world’s largest, and most highly-rated, financial institutions.These institutions, alongside several multibank ECNs, are fully integrated within the firm’s operating and credit infrastructures allowing Roche Fintech to provide live, executable, multi-provider liquidity and a virtual clearing network. Roche Fintech has created the optimal trading venue where price and execution certainty is of paramount importance and where transparency and reliability go hand in hand with complete accountability.


Depth of Market

Roche Fintech facilitates Direct Market Access to one of the deepest available liquidity pools for Spot FX, Precious Metals and Energies. The image below shows an example of the available market depth for EUR/USD, incorporating Roche Fintechs’ tight bid/ask spreads.

Full Order liquidity can also be configured by utilizing our FOX block trading functionality

Full Order eXecution


Full Order eXecution allows buy-side market participants to execute large trades anonymously, on aggregated, competitive liquidity, in a single transaction with a single liquidity provider.


One Fill

One ticket

Full amount filled at desired rate

One price across multiple accounts



Only the bank streaming the best bid or offer gets the trade request.

Only the client and the liquidity provider know of the trade’s existence.

No market impact.

Minimizes information leakage.

Client anonymity.

Customizable amounts.

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